Domestic Water

Water 2 Go has been supplying clean fresh water to Melbourne households since 2004 during periods of water restrictions affecting many applications. We deliver bulk water to tanks, fountains, ponds, swimming pools on your property.
We specialise in small loads for domestic usage starting from just a few hundred litres to over 10,000 in one load. Larger quantities totalling over 150,000 litres in a day are possible if required.

Water Tank
Swimming Pool
Water Fountain

We have been providing water for all types of landscaping, lawns and gardens with side sprayers on our trucks to water areas usually inaccessible to vehicles. Water 2 Go have also supplied to various households in Melbourne for high pressure cleaning.

New water tanks that need to be tested can usually be filled anywhere on your property with water that is certified and registered through the applicable authorities as suitable for all residential uses.