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Domestic water Supplies

Water-2go has been supplying clean fresh spring water to Melbourne households for the past 3 years since water restriction come in place

We deliver bulk spring water to tanks, fountains, ponds, swimming pools that are on your property

Water-2go hires 1000 ltrs tanks with pumps and fills them up with water at the same time ready for your use around the house or new lawn establishment or garden whatever you require the water for

We have been using spring water to hand water all aspects of lawns and gardens as well we are equipped with sprayers off the side of our trucks to water where is accessible by truck

Water-2go have supplied spring water to various households in Melbourne to high pressure clean around the home

We specialize in small loads to domestic starting from 500 liters and up to 10,000 liters in one load we do bigger loads as well we are able to deliver 150,000 liters a day if required

Where to Buy Water in Bulk

New water tanks that need to be tested can be filled anywhere on your property our water is suitable for all use around the home with no concerns

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Why Water 2 Go?

We only use 100% spring water, our competitors are using bore water and treating it, you can only imagine what kind of bacteria is still in this water if not treated and tested properly .

Would you let your children swim in treated water? Or rather in the most natural water that nature can deliver harvested in then most clear springs of Victoria. That is tested on regular bases due to supplying the bottled water industry

For just a couple hundred dollars more your swimming pool will be filled with the purest water money can buy or your money back. Ask our competitors if they are willing to drink the water they deliver. Because we will gladly do and so will your child when they swim in the water.

Purchase Mineral and Pool Water in Melbourne

Water 2go service is the best in the industry most important we listen to you, deliver on time as requested and provide the best quality spring water Victoria can provide