Water-2Go - Bulk Water Delivery, Water Cartage & Mineral Water Supplier in Melbourne, Australia
Water 2 Go

Construction Water Tanker Delivery for Rent in Australia


Water-2Go has been supplying water to the construction industries for last 2 years, on major projects looking after all the needs of water supply.

We happen to have quite the varied range of resources. Some of them range from dust suppression and road barriers to drinking water for crib rooms and watering vegetation to boot. Not only that, but we have even supplied major events with all the necessary drinking water stations as well. We are not at all limited to only generic water services, but have a great deal of other varied services across the board.

Some of our Services:

Drinking Water

Swimming Pools, Spas and Water Tanks

Water Truck Hire

Watering lawn areas

Watering landscaped areas and trees

Civil Construction Sites

Swimming Pool Water Delivery Tanker for Hire

Our tanker water delivery allows contractors and project manager's fast access to clean water. This is imperative as a lot of time tend to go to waste when there is no fast delivery service in place.

For contractors and project managers of all kinds, time is of the utmost essence in every way and having said that, we place your time and our necessary resources in the highest regard in order for you to finally get the water services that you really want. After all, the most necessary outcome is for you to get the service that you specifically want in particular.

Swimming Pool Water

Water-2Go works with many major pool installers in metropolitan Melbourne to deliver clean, high quality spring water to fill new or renovated pools. Our water is tested and is low in calcium, iron and salt and will not stain your pool. Our water is free of odours, residue, pathogens and bacteria.

Bulk Water Supply Melbourne Victoria

Bulk water is delivered daily to:

Building and Construction sites in metropolitan Melbourne areas

Civil works and infrastructure site in metropolitan Melbourne areas

Dust Control and Soil Compaction sites in metropolitan Melbourne areas

Horticulture, Turf Watering and Landscaping sites in metropolitan Melbourne areas

We deliver water continually.

Water2Go delivers up to 150,000 litres of water per day across all seven days a week. Sunday or Friday, it is all the same to us. So you most certainly need not worry about the fact that it is a weekend or Sunday. We will be there for you, come what may.

Our trucks are on the road non stop and since we hold your precious time in the highest regard , we take a mere 45 minutes to pump out an entire 27,500 litre tanker. Now that is speedy service, which is exactly what we are known for.

Another important point to note - our men and machinery are not sitting idle while you wait for refills. As a matter of fact water is constantly being topped up / re-filled as you use it.

Bulk Water Capacity

No. of Tankers
(all equipped with pumps)
(hoses up to 100 metres long)
10,000 litres
20,000 litres
27,500 litres
38,000 litres

On-site Water Carts

Trucks from 10,000 - 13,000 litres are available for hire at reasonable day rates

No. of Body Trucks
(charged out at extremely competitive rates)
3,000 litres
12,000 litres

Water Usage

Dust control & soil compaction

Horticultural watering

Liquid fertilising & wetting agents

New turf

Maintenance watering programs

Pool & tank fills

Building & construction sites

Infrastructure development sites

Road works