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Being a bulk water transport company operating in Melbourne, we at Water2Go supply clean fresh water to a large majority of Melbourne including its suburbs as well. All our trucks are ready for delivery 7 days a week.

Apart from our regular and new customers alike, we also happen to provide our services to the commercial and industrial sector as well, not to mention the construction industries and the public civic bodies as well. One of the most important things to remember about our service is that we have no down time as far as our water supply is concerned - our delivery is continuous and we are proud to say so.

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Let’s face it - In Melbourne, the days when you could simply turn on your tap and let the water flow without even thinking twice about water conservation are are long gone. With the onset of water restrictions of late, things have gotten a lot harder. This is exactly where we at Water2Go come into the picture. If you happen to be looking for a consistent water supply in Melbourne, you can rest assured that we most certainly have your back.

If you happen to have a personal pool that needs filling, trying to do it yourself can be quite the time-consuming process on the whole stretching for days. We on the other hand, can get it done within 24-48 hours.

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At Water2Go, you can be assured of swift and precise service from the get go. Not only as far as our overall services are concerned, but our team also has the resources and brains to help you out with a proper Water Efficiency Management Plan as well. Not to mention that our maintenance plan also includes proper checks on your general fittings and pumps.