Water-2Go - Bulk Water Delivery, Water Cartage & Mineral Water Supplier in Melbourne, Australia

About Us


Water-2Go is creating the perfect synergy by giving YOU a single point of contact for water supply, grounds maintenance and tree care services.

As a company, Water-2Go commenced bulk water carrying and delivery services in response to the growing need for alternative water sources in Victoria. Established by Joe Hobaiter, Water-2Go is also a subsidiary of the successful We Water Nature Company, a landscape design and garden maintenance service established in 1995.

As a team, we are passionate about using water in the most responsible way possible. Therefore, we welcome every advance in the conservation of our precious liquid resource recognizing and reinforcing the fact that water as a whole is an extremely valuable and precious resource that must not be wasted in any way.

Our holistic approach to supply and maintenance means we can also run a check on your pumps and general fittings at the same time we deliver your water.

Not only that, but here is our pledge to you: Water-2Go delivers the cleanest and freshest spring water that you will ever find anywhere. If that promise is left unfulfilled in your case, we guarantee that you will get your money back.

Customer Service

Our experienced team of professionals can assist you with water estimating and how to develop a Water Efficiency Management Plan to ensure your water use meets the guidelines set by Local and State Governments and the Victoria Water Commission.

In these matters, especially regarding water conservation, each and every aspect is vital and needs to be accounted for and taken care of in a systematic and strategic manner. One most certainly cannot afford to be careless and lax in such matters as this is some of the cleanest water that we’re talking about and deal with on a daily basis.

Water Source & Safety

Our water comes from a spring outside the metropolitan water grid hence banishing all the notions and rumours that the water that we get is in any way recycled. Rest assured that it most certainly isn’t. Our water is clean and clear and that is the only kind of water that we deal with on a daily basis; we do not deliver or have anything to do with recycled water.

Another fact is that our water has no odour or residue. Yes you heard that one right and we are not exaggerating in the slightest either. This is exactly what separates us and our water from the rest of the similar water services in Melbourne.

Our water has a neutral pH and minimal iron content and all our water is regularly tested for pathogens and suitability for the purpose it is required. That is how we ensure that we ultimately end up with the best water which also happens to be the most clean and clear as well.

Our water is suitable for all industrial and domestic uses as well.

"I just wanted to say how pleased we were with Joe's work. He not only filled my pool and a pond in the garden, both of which took around 60,000 litres of water, but he also set up a tank with a pump to help service the two. Nothing was too much trouble. Thank you Water-2Go for all your good work."
Marie Grege Eaglemont

"We have used Water-2Go over the previous 12 months to supply water for our landscape establishment on site. Our development site is 12 acres with 200 houses and has many parks and landscaped areas. It has been a real pleasure to work with someone for whom nothing is too much trouble. I have no hesitation in recommending Water-2Go to others."
Peter Jensen Village Park Consortium

"I have found Water-2Go to be efficient and professional in their contact with our clients. The quality of water supplied has been of a very high standard, and the procedures they undertake in unloading the tanker are of utmost consideration to the owner of the property as well as the adjoining neighbours. I have no hesitation in recommending their services and wish them all the very best."
Richard Borg Tidy Edge Pools and Spas

"Over the past 18 months, Joe from has supplied water to our tanks and landscaping operations. His service has been efficient and professional and I would highly recommend his business."
Matt Faulks Spectrum Contracts Management

BULK WATER SUPPLIES sourced by contractors, builders, project managers and estimators.

We deliver seven days a week and can in times of peak demand. There are no truck hire fees.

Water-2Go Clients and their projects

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Grounds & Gardens
Landscaped area in Derimut and Feather Brook
Landscaped areas - Euroa Estate
Premier Pools
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New pools - all areas
Soil compaction
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New above and in-ground pools
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